Anchoring is a method used most commonly in large surface area lakes when mooring is not an option, or when anchoring is preferred. Otterbine recommends the use of polypropylene rope or stainless steel cable for your anchoring lines. After determining the location for your aerator or fountain, take a small boat out to the area chosen and drop in the first anchor line, place the aerator into the water and securely tie the anchor line to one of the holes on the outer edge of the float. Drop in the second anchor line and securely tie it to the hole on the outside edge directly opposite the first anchor line. Be sure to allow for some slack in the anchor lines.

Anchoring an aerator or fountain in waterbodies that experience a lot of fluctuation in water levels may cause problems. Be cautious of this, for instance if the water level rises considerably the aerator may sink below the water surface as it is restricted by the length of the anchoring lines.



Sketch of anchoring an aerator or fountain

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