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COVID-19, Corona Virus Update - Dulcet Fountains



As of April 8, 2020

On April 8, 2020, Governor Tim Walz announced an extended Stay-at-Home order until May 4. Under this new order, Governor Walz states that Green Industry professionals can return to work, including landscapers, lawn care, garden center, and other green industry businesses.

This means that Dulcet Fountains will be ready to begin our regular season schedule on Monday April 13th while following federal guidelines laid out by the order to help keep you and our staff safe.


As Green Industry businesses and workers return to job sites, care must be taken by each business and worker to ensure social distancing, hygiene, and sanitation, to help ensure that COVID-19 does not spread.

Highlights of What We’re Doing to Stop the Spread

               At the Office:

  • Office staff continuing to work remotely
  • All employees strive to work 6.5 feet apart (2 meters)
  • Crews of not more than 4 people
  • Staggering start times to minimize gathering at our offices
  • Not sharing tools
  • Meetings that are necessary are less than 15 minutes with everyone social distancing

On Site

  • Strive to keep 16-17 feet (5 meters) away from clients and the public
  • Where workable, field staff will report directly instead of first stopping at our office
    • If ride sharing, occupants are to sit on opposite sides of the vehicle with windows rolled down to maximize fresh air
  • Drivers must disinfect at the beginning and end of trips
  • Technicians are required to wear face masks and gloves
  • For residential work, WE ARE NOT entering anyone’s home
    • We WILL need access to electric circuits and equipment controls

We are looking forward to a healthy and safe year with you all! Please reach out to us by email with questions or concerns or contact our office and leave a voicemail message at 763-559-8084.

As of March 30, 2020

Following a great deal of work between the Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association, the Commissioner or Agriculture and the Governor, additional guidance was issued yesterday (March 29, 2020) and disseminated from MNLA to member companies.

The guidance (generally) can be summarized as follows:


The examples listed below are not to be considered comprehensive:

  • NEW CONSTRUCTION – Tasks related to installation of new landscape, hardscape irrigation and related are considered “essential services” and are exempt from the stay-at-home order
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES – Tasks that constitute “emergencies” and are exempt from the stay-at-home order include:
    • Snow/ice management
    • Repair of damage to critical elements due to snow/ice management
      • Garage door repair, mailbox repair, etc.
    • Tree trimming/removal if in a location that threatens life or property
    • Flood management activities
    • Broken equipment from other exempt activities or, protecting/marking equipment that could be broken from exempt activities
    • Sanitation services such as clean-up of trash or vandalism in a landscape


The examples listed below are not to be considered comprehensive:

  • ELECTIVE CONSTRUCTION – Projects such as adding a deck, installing or expanding a planting bed, annuals in pots or retrofitting an irrigation system are not exempt activities
  • MAINTENANCE – Other than emergencies, most tasks related to spring landscape cleanup, fertilization/pre-emergent applications, irrigation system start-up and similar activities are not exempt

Thinking about your personal choices pertaining to your residential property, you may choose to get some fresh air and rake or clean-up a planting bed that contains spring bulbs while adhering to CDC, health department and social distancing guidance.  You may choose to buy seeds to start your vegetable garden or early spring plants (curbside or by delivery) from your neighborhood garden center.


Ultimately, the decision of how to comply with the Governor’s order is up to you and your service provider(s).

Meantime, as indicated in our March 27th update, Dulcet Fountains and Aeration has chosen to pause field operations, save for emergencies, in support of Governor Walz’ Stay-at-Home Order.

Please contact us with questions or requests.

As of 10:00AM March 27, 2020


Commencing at 5:00PM Friday March 27, 2020 and ending 5:00PM Friday April 10, 2020, Dulcet Fountains and Aeration will pause field operations in support of Governor Tim Walz’ two-week  “Stay-at-Home” request (Executive Order 20-20).

Even though most of the Minnesota Green Industry (including Dulcet) is included in the Critical Services Exemption to the Governor’s March 25th order, we believe it best for our employees, clients and suppliers to help rid our community of the  COVID-19 threat and pause our field operations.

Dulcet is otherwise open for business and will respond to emergencies. Non-field-based staff will continue to work from home to attend to client requests, proposals and other daily business.  You may reach us via email and telephone at 763-559-8084.  If you know your party’s direct-dial or cell number, feel free to dial it.

Please accept our best wished to you, your families and co-workers.  Be safe, and we’ll see you on the other side of this challenge to our society!


As of 3:00PM March 17, 2020


As the impact of societal action unfolds in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, we would like to share our current thoughts regarding your services from our company later this season:

Due to the nature of our work, we must be on your property in order to deliver service.   When business resumes, we plan to deliver our services responsibly and safely.  During the current period of  intense precaution, we’ve implemented steps to prevent transmission including:

  • Embracing a new habit of “social distancing”
  • Enabling staff to work from home
  • Equipping field staff with:
    • An increased awareness of the need for cleanliness and safety
    • Handout instructions to help clients who prefer that we do not enter, perform certain tasks that we would do if we were to enter your home or business
    • Tags or stickers to help clients identify certain equipment
    • And more…

Some of the impact of changes to our service delivery or, in response to your requests may include:

  • You turn on/off water or electricity in lieu of our entry into your home or business
  • Increased electronic communication in lieu of phone calls
  • The potential for scheduling changes should you or our staff experience quarantine or its effect on loved ones
  • The installation of formerly optional technology to help us deliver service

Please watch for emails and check our website for updates.   Our best to you and your families.